Тест на определение уровня


Beginner or Elementary?

  1. My favourite colour blue.
  2. Ann and I good friends.
  3. Jane at home at the moment. She is at work.
  4. Paris is the of France.
  5. I got up 8 o'clock this morning.
  6. Where you yesterday?
  7. umbrella is this?
  8. Do you know man?
  9. I know Peter but I don't know wife.
  10. January is month of the year.
  11. It is a nice house but it a garden.
  12. you help me, please?
  13. What on Saturdays?
  14. It's Sunday morning and !
  15. We to France last summer.
  16. When your parents last time?
  17. His sister is than him.
  18. Paris is the city I've ever seen.
  19. breakfast at the moment?
  20. you be at home this evening?

Elementary or Pre-Intermediate?

  1. I need a new
  2. The police here. What do they want?
  3. Did you come here the bus?
  4. This is your umbrella and that is .
  5. Be careful! Don't hurt .
  6. The Earth round the Sun.
  7. What hours he work?
  8. I like him but he like me.
  9. your mother and father speak English?
  10. Look at Jane! She her new dress.
  11. Jane is tired. She to go home now.
  12. Yesterday it all morning.
  13. I usually get up early but yesterday I up at 9.45.
  14. you go to the bank this morning?
  15. It when he went out.
  16. you watching TV when I phoned you?
  17. The Pacific Ocean is the ocean in the world.
  18. The train at 7.30 tomorrow morning.
  19. We to the cinema next Saturday.
  20. It's a nice day! we go for a walk?

Pre-Intermediate or Intermediate?

  1. What time the news on TV?
  2. Anna bought the shoes in the shop.
  3. You need a lot of in this job.
  4. Peter to work very hard. He's got an easy job.
  5. Please don't make so much noise. I to work.
  6. Rice in cold climates.
  7. I things.
  8. The shop at 7.30 in the morning.
  9. This room Let's open a window.
  10. While I , I saw a man.
  11. They us to the party, so we didn't go.
  12. I can't find my bag. it?
  13. I am hungry. I anything since breakfast.
  14. Alex married next month?
  15. I thought it , but it didn't.
  16. Do you think the exam?
  17. Next year they married for 25 years.
  18. It is raining hard. We'll get wet if we out.
  19. I wish I David's phone number.
  20. Two hundred people by the company.

Intermediate or Upper-Intermediate?

  1. I silly mistakes.
  2. What for a living, Peter?
  3. They able to come because they were so busy.
  4. She is used to on the left.
  5. Has your course started ?
  6. The match was over. United .
  7. If you had studied more, you the exam.
  8. When the company went bankrupt, it money for months.
  9. The sales by Saturday.
  10. I've decided for a new flat.
  11. I saw a helicopter over the forest.
  12. They denied the money.
  13. There is nothing you can do about the situation, so it's no use about it.
  14. I wonder what time back.
  15. Do you know where ?
  16. What would you do if you a lot of money?
  17. Do you ever wish you fly?
  18. If I you, I wouldn't do that.
  19. How much money in the robbery?
  20. There's somebody walking behind us. I think we .

Upper-Intermediate or Advanced?

  1. The taxi will be here in a couple of minutes. We get ready to go.
  2. The interviewer started off me why I wanted the job.
  3. The stairs quite steep, so be careful how you go down.
  4. "Michael Jordan is visiting our school next week to talk about basketball." "You mean Michael Jordan? Can you get his autograph for me?"
  5. "Dad won't mind us borrowing the car, will he?" "No, I "
  6. We to the tennis club since we moved here.
  7. Your eyes are red – ?
  8. I don't know when Helen back.
  9. I an interview because I'd worked there before.
  10. When I asked what was wrong,
  11. Steven the wallet.
  12. to Paris during the vacation.
  13. We should use time we have available to discuss John's proposal.
  14. Some experience is for the job.
  15. She was as anyone could have had.
  16. Derek nowadays, he's so busy at the office.
  17. in my seventies and rather unfit, I might consider taking up squash.
  18. We were delayed an accident.
  19. that Marie was able to retire at the age of 50.
  20. they slept soundly.
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